Homegrown Hippie Peace Sign Graphic Tee


Now, this is a tee that I can get into right now. I kind of feel like a hippie because let's face it, I only go to two places and it might be days that I don't wear shoes, a bra, or makeup. Our new Homegrown Hippie Peace Sign Graphic Tee features a Bella Canvas tee (the best), v-neck, and one of a kind.

Each tee will vary by its own uniqueness, no two are alike! The splatter will differ between tees when we give each one its own major TLC... splatters colors range from white, to peach to pale pink but they are all gorgeous in their own way!

Fabric: 52% Cotton 48% Polyester 

Fit: True to Size but for a relaxed fit you may want to size up. 

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